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Click on one of the below for a closer look at what our custom macros can do for your productivity.

Call us at 714-963-9603 for a free analysis and quote. We can also provide you with macros that you can install yourself.

If your company depends heavily on Excel, chances are a tremendous amount of productivity is lost every day throug redundant entry, errors due to too many repetitive tasks, lack of clarity, and general wear and tear on the body and the mind.

We can fix that.
Here's a small sample of the things we can do for you:
  • Speed up data entry
  • Effortlessly navigate to frequently used sections of a worksheet or even the entire workbook
  • Split thousands of full names into first and last name instantly
  • Extract individual words from any line of text
  • Define data ranges dynamically
  • Change printing page layout and formats instantly
  • Import data from external sources in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take
  • Set up keyboard shortcuts for any action